Every success story begins with a powerful vision and is brought to life with smaller victories.

Built upon the principles of top mentors and programs around the word, Phoenix Planner delivers the essence of high achievement.

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No more confusion, overwhelm & procrastination...

Get Clear On What You Want In Life

When you truly understand what you want out of life and why, motivation becomes a non-factor.

Crush Your Goals

Phoenix Planner wants you to achieve your goals AND enjoy the process. Using a twelve week structure, your goals are close enough to be tangible and actionable, but far enough away to be ambitious and exciting.

Maintain a Positive Life Balance

Your Phoenix will consistently bring family, work, health and personal development into the picture so that you can always keep sight of what's important.

Become Your Greatest Self

Greatness is not an event, but an endless process of adaption, self-reflection, and growth. As you grow through life, your vision and goals will change. Each Phoenix is made to not only accommodate this process, but to inspire it it.


  • "Used with diligence and integrity, this journal is life transforming."

    Martin Boeddeker

    Founder of FindFocus

  • "Proud to say it's a Fastlaner Project!"

    MJ DeMarco

    Author of The Millionaire Fastlane

  • "Best 12 Week Planner I've Used So Far"

    Dr.Caitlin Faas

  • "Lost in life, this is your answer.
    When I ordered this item I thought that it was going to be another planner notebook. It turned out that it wasn't, but it was exactly what I never knew I needed. This journal/planner has helped me regain purpose in life. It has been so beneficial that my boyfriend is now on board and just bought him one!"

    Renee Cummins

  • "I can't even put into words how much I love my Phoenix Journal! It is THE best tool I have ever come across to help keep me accountable for making positive and significant change in my life."

    Jessica Simpson

  • "From the very beginning of the journal everything flowed from one thing into the next.Now that I’ve written exactly what I want in the future I feel so much more purposeful and motivated.It amazes me that I’ve never even thought about doingsomething like that and I am sure that many others haven’t as well.
    Overall, I’d recommend this to entrepreneurs and people who want to take initiative in their lives."

    Gloria Perez

  • "The Phoenix Journal lays out a very practical foundation. It questions what you want out of life then helps you achieve it! Great product. 100% recommend this toall of my friends."

    Amazon Customer

  • "Unlike some other goal journals, this one is concise and helps you to organize your thoughts and vision before setting the goals. I like the format very much. It has you decide what sacrifices you may have to make for each goal — and with all progress does come sacrifice, so don’t skip over that bit!"

    Amazon Customer

  • "Helping me live my best life.
    After dreaming on the possibilities for my life, this journal then helps break down those dreams into manageable, daily and weekly steps."

    R. Berger

  • "I freaking love The Phoenix Journal.
    I like how tactical it is and it really helps establish and track those daily habits that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.
    Words without actions mean nothing. The Phoenix Journal helps you to take action!"

    Cody Hunter

  • "I have lost 14 pounds with this journal, not because of it, but it has certainly helped me by organizing my goals and breaking them down"

    Elizabeth D. Grant

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